How to Fill Out the Supplemental Security Application Form SSA-8000-BK

SSI application
Low income disabled, elderly (age 65 and older), legally blind, or dependent disabled children of a low income parent or parents may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you’re asking for information about how to fill out the Supplemental Security Income Application Form SSA-8000-BK, start by collecting information about your income and financial resources.

Income and assets that may be liquidated for cash are of interest to SSA. To quality for SSI, you must not have more income and assets than those designed by SSA.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Application Form SSA-8000-BK

Begin your claim for SSI disability benefits by obtaining Form SSA-8000-BK, the application for Supplemental Security Income benefits. This long application form contains approximately 65 questions. The SSI application form is intended to obtain information from you concerning income and financial resources. Even if you or a loved one is severely disabled, Social Security Administration needs to verify that you have limited financial wherewithal at this time.

SSA uses financial information to determine if you’re in significant financial need. Your individual assets may be up to USD 2000 if you’re not married and up to USD 3000 if you are.

You’re permitted to engage an attorney or disability representative if you’re concerned about filling out the SSI application. However, you can get help from Social Security at no cost to you. Your attorney will work on contingency and, if you’re approved for SSI benefits, he or she will be paid from money you need.

There are several ways to obtain the SSI Application Form SSA-8000-BK:

  • Alternatively, you may contact Social Security general information at 1-800-772-1213 and ask to arrange a meeting with your local SSA field office. Social Security representatives can help you fill out the form, review certified and original documents, and make the process of applying for help less stressful in general.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Application and Citizenship Status

In addition to your financial status, the SSI application asks about U.S. citizenship. If you’re not a U.S. citizen and you don’t meet necessary criteria as a legal immigrant, you may not be approved for SSI benefits.

Questions on the SSI Application Form SSA-8000-BK

You’re asked to identify yourself. For instance, if you’ve used other names in the past and held other Social Security numbers than the one you use now, you’re asked to provide the information.

You must provide a domestic residential address and/or mailing address:

  • The SSI application requests information about your living arrangement. You must provide information about where you live, other members of the household, income available to you in the household, and the individual responsible for managing and paying expenses.
  • If you live in an institution, rest home, retirement home, nursing home, rehab center, etc., you must provide this information to SSA. If you’re homeless or a transient, you must provide this information.

Social Security also wants to know if you have enough food to eat. The questions asked on the SSI application may prompt Social Security representatives to fast-track your application for SNAP! Program food stamps and/or emergency benefits from TANF.

SSI Application and Your Financial Resources

Social Security needs to know about any insurance policies you have, especially whole life policies that may have cash value. Provide Social Security with information about the insurer and your policy number.

  • If you’re unmarried now, the SSI application asks for information about a former spouse or spouses and their Social Security number(s).
  • Social Security asks information about unsatisfied felony warrants and, if any, whether the warrant is satisfied. If you’ve been incarcerated, Social Security needs to know about your parole or probation.

If you’re approved for SSI benefits, you must provide information about your financial institution for direct deposit purposes. You may provide checking or savings account information. You should know that Social Security will verify the income information. For instance, if your bank statement indicates USD 300 in the account, Social Security should verify this amount of less in the near future.

SSI Application Form and SSA Form 3368

Knowing how to fill out the Supplemental Security Income Application Form SSA-8000-BK can help you get approved for SSI benefit. Organize and accurately report the information you supply to SSA on the Supplemental Security Income application.

In addition to filling out the SSI application form, you must fill out SSA Form 3368 [Adult Disability Report]. You can find the form online at Print out the form and fill it in by hand. Submit the completed form with SSA-8000-BK.

As above, it’s also possible to ask your local SSA office to help you with the disability documentation form. You should gather information about the doctors, hospitals, clinics, therapists, and others you’ve seen for treatment for your disability.